Global Mission

Short-Term Missions

This summer our church will be sending teams to Arizona, Cambodia, China, Harlem, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Kenya, and Philadelphia. Applications are now available for all members who are interested in missions this year.

Global Mission

we are working to fulfill, enhance, and practically apply the transforming work of the gospel by proclaiming it in a cross-cultural context.

Flushing, New York

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Basketball Fundraiser

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Local Mission

New Franklin Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing

Regular Sunday Visitations


2017 Nicaragua Mission 3:12

2017 Missions Report 7:18

What’s Your Mission? 3:36

Gospel On Main Street

God granted our church this blessed honor and opportunity to raise our voices, first with the music of Heaven through Gloria Choir and then with the impassioned cries of our church pastors to all of the lost souls out there for Christ in Chinese, English and Korean languages, as well as with the calls of our evangelists inviting and imploring the people to join us.

Flowing Rivers of Water

In Turkana, water is life. During our drives from village to village, we travelled through treacherous roads, roads that were barren, empty and dry. But on one of these journeys, we came across something on the side of a road that took our breath away.

The Garden of Hope

We shared Jesus Christ for the first time to children who had never gone to church before. Even though we did not know what to expect, everything somehow got done because our Lord was with us. Praise God!