Arizona Mission 2019

   Date: July 4 to July 11

   Team Leader: Deacon Jenny Whang

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Reverend Young (James) Lee

M.Div., MSTOM, Licensed Acupuncturist

  • a Korean Missionary in the Reservation (SBC ordained)
  • a member of the First Southern Baptist Church in Tuba City
  • President of Christian Life Ministry & First People Youth Academy (Tuba City, Navajo Nation, Az, Arizona Registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations)

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Western Navajo towns such as Tuba City, Middle Mesa, Tonalea, Kaibeto, Shonto, Inscription House, Black Mesa, Better Springs, Etc., mostly in Nor-Eastern Arizona.

The Navajo People, and all other Native Americans alike, are suffering from many social and personal illnesses in their lives due to the dark history, even “colonial theology”, and many more current problems which typically demonstrated by those broken and malfunctioning families, in which those younger getting most victimized.

Many young people in their precious times to get prepared for their expected long lives are falling into puddles or traps such as alcohol, drugs, early sexual activities, etc. which are bad enough to ruin their whole lives. (I call it Missing Link.)

They are so, due to lack of self-esteem which might be caused by lack of love, caring, and affirmation from their family members and other significants of their early lives.

Regular Ministries

  • Local Church Visiting
  • Bible Ministries: Preaching/Bible Study/Bible Conference
  • Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine Services
  • Short-Term Mission Coordination

Children/Youth Ministries

  • Praise/Bible Study Multimedia Materials Supply
  • Equipment (Computer/TV) Support
  • Camp Meeting Support
  • Age-Appropriate Bibles Supply (365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories)
  • The Timothy Project (TTP) (More information Following)

Church Leader Supporting Ministries

  • Publication on Biblical/Theological/Practical Issues (a Voice in the Wilderness, May 2014)
  • Resources/Materials Supply
  • Continuing Education
  • Ministry Support (Finance)
  • Co-Working

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