Kenya Mission 2019

   Date: July 29 to August 10

   Team Leader: Reverend Peter D. Kim

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John Byong Kwon Kang


Spouse – Hey Ran Jung 정혜란

Ministry experience

  1. 1992 ~ 1998 Evangelical Bible Institute (Rundu, Namibia)
  2. 1998 ~ 2008 Reformed Theological College (Kampala, Uganda)
  3. 2009 ~ 2017 AIM Korea: Home Director
  4. 2018.6 ~ present: Northern Bible Training Center (Marsabit, Kenya; Principal)

Degree: PhD in Leadership Development

AIC and AIM focus on six UPGs within Marsabit County. They are Borana in Moyale, Gabra in Dukana and Hurri Hills, Sakuye in Moyale, Samburu in Mount Kulal, Somali in Moyale and Rendille in Korr.

Marsabit town is the political, social and economic center of Northern Kenya, an arid country with a largely pastoral economy based on livestock. Most of the people groups of the northern Kenya are well represented in the town, including the Unreached People Groups (UPGs) that AIM has identified. They are Borana, Gabra, Sakuye, Samburu, Somali and Rendille. Many youngsters from UPGs of the north come to Marsabit to seek further educations and trainings as well as employment opportunities. There are 22 protestant churches and 42 Mosques in the town. Muslims aggressively propagate Islam in the township and they are growing in numbers.

Marsabit town is the only place where all tribes in Northern Kenya can stay together peacefully. This is the main reason that Africa Inland Mission (AIM) together with Africa Inland Church (AIC) have started pastors’ training in Marsabit. Northern Bible Training Center(NBTC) opened on January 8th, 2019 with 3 students from three tribes, Borana, Gabra and Rendille. When they finish 10 courses of training for one year, they will be eligible to be ordained as pastors. We pray that God may use them to reach out those UPGs in Marsabit county.    

Mission Events and Activities

  1. Vision Trips: Kenya North
  2. Construction

July 30: Nairobi ~ Marsabit
July 30 to August 4: Marsabit NBTC Campus
August 5: Marsabit ~ Korr
August 6: Korr ~ Kalacha
August 7: Kalacha ~ Dukana
August 8: Dukana ~ Marsabit
August 9: Marsabit ~ Nairobi
August 10: Departure

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