Philadelphia Mission 2019

   Date: July 27 to August 2

   Team Leader: TBD

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Pastor Rob Whitmire

Pastor Rob Whitmire is the servant pastor of Grace & Peace Community Fellowship located in the Hunting Park section of North Philadelphia. Pastor Whitmire was born and raised in Philadelphia, graduated from Olney High School in the early 90’s. He then went on to Kutztown University as an Accounting major and to play collegiate football. While at Kutztown, Pastor Whitmire felt the Divine call of the Lord on his life to pursue Biblical studies. He then transferred to C.U.T.S (Center of Urban Theological Studies) in North Philadelphia where he gleaned / absorbed great wisdom and knowledge from the professors and pastors there in his young age. All throughout Pastor Whitmire’s journey he attended Spirit & Truth Fellowship in North Philadelphia (Hunting Park) where he was mentored closely by Dr. Manuel “Manny” Ortiz. Dr. Ortiz began to mentor Whitmire while he was still in High School and still today has continued to be a great mentor for Pastor Whitmire. In 2011 he was ordained by the Christian Reformed Church, then in June 2012 Pastor Whitmire graduated from Biblical Theological Seminary with his Masters in Divinity (M.Div.) Degree. For the past eight years he has served as the lead pastor at Grace & Peace Community Fellowship (Hunting Park), his heart’s desire is to love, reach, disciple, empower and transform those in the city of Philadelphia and beyond with and through the power of Gospel of Jesus Christ; by “Contextualizing the Gospel without Compromising the True Message”. Prior to becoming a full time lead pastor, Pastor Whitmire served as a youth leader for 15 years.

Grace & Peace Community Fellowship is a church in North Philadelphia (Hunting Park), we are originally a church plant from our mother church Spirit & Truth Fellowship. We have been a organized church since 2010. Our Mission is to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to our local community and beyond. To Contextualize the Gospel while never Compromising the Truth. We want to see the Great Commission played out in the flesh in our local community streets and beyond.

C.S.I (Christian Summer Institute) is a summer day camp that we’ve been called to do for the past 10 years. This camp was put into place a safe haven place for those youth in our community. This is a very affordable camp that allows us to serve our community that suffers from low income families, homes that have one parent employed or even both parents unemployed. Because of these truths in our community we as the church felt that it is our responsibly as the Body of Christ to serve that way Jesus served others. We believe that our children in our community desire the very best that we can give. Our camp offers a morning session that we teach Math, Reading and Art for academic enrichment over the summer. Then in the afternoons we have sports activities, Arts and Crafts, VBS that is done by our Mission teams. We have been in partnerships with outside churches for the past 8 years who have truly blessed us by coming in and co-laboring with us for the Kingdom. We serve roughly 50 children (families) each year with this camp.

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