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QPEM Mercy Ministry Outreach- “Garden of Hope” – QPEM Missions

QPEM Mercy Ministry Outreach- “Garden of Hope”

By March 19, 2019 Uncategorized

QPEM was blessed to serve with the Garden of Hope (“GOH”) organization for our Mercy Outreach ministry. GOH is an non-profit Christian organization that serves women who are abused, abandoned and have nowhere to turn.  These women live in hiding and darkness. A little over a year ago, my family hosted a sister and her two boys who were kicked out of the home by her husband.  Therefore, I first hand witnessed how difficult it was for the family that was going through such situation. It is something that stayed with my heart from then on.

Earlier this year, one of our discipleship groups served to provide a year’s worth of needed supplies for about 80 women and 20 children who live in shelters due to domestic violent, sexual abuse and human trafficking etc. 
God’s mercy reached to them started with that little step from QPEM

The GOH Christmas celebration was hosted at the First Baptist Church of Flushing, a couple blocks away from KAPCQ. We were primarily tasked to lead a Gospel worship service to the 80+ children and also to support the mothers at its Christmas party. QPEMers who came were divided up into a few groups, a group to evangelize to women, a group to help with set up, and a group to lead the children program.  QPEM partnered with the Chinese Ministry to evangelize to the women as the majority of the women there only spoke Chinese.  Praise the Lord! At the First Baptist Church, there were at least 40 brothers and sisters came to serve from our church. 

During the event, I saw QPEM members serve in many ways; taking pictures for the mothers and kids, carrying and servicing the food, distributing the gifts to the women and children.  There was a peaceful coordination among volunteers who didn’t even know each other. If you were there, you would sense that it is God’s hands at work.
By the power of the Holy Spirit, there were 15 women who came to receive Jesus as their personal savior. For a lot of women, they probably experienced being hopeless but through the message, they found Jesus as their hope. What a beautiful gift for Christmas!  Our evangelism team was there to clarify the gospel and pray for women who committed their lives to Jesus after the service.  I personally spoke to a mother and a daughter.  They both received Jesus as their personal savior. How awesome it is for that mom and her daughter to have the same re-birthday! Praise God for his miraculous work!  When speaking with them, even without much drilling down to the detail of their personal background, I could feel the mixed feeling of pain (what they were experiencing) and joy (of the salvation) at the same time.

Pastor Peter and Pastor Kiwi, along with many members led the Children’s worship. We led a time of worship, sharing the Gospel message and we even had two of our KAPCQ students- Daniel and Elijah, share their testimonies! The teachers then had a moment to pray for all the children.

Pastor Peter later described the event during a Sunday sermon as being on a mini-missionary trip. We shared Jesus Christ for the first time to children who had never gone to church before. Even though we did not know what to expect, everything somehow got done because our Lord was with us. Praise God! As for me, God filled me with unspeakable joy both during and after the party. I am so thankful to take part in this event.Also very thankful for sisters and brothers who donated time, finances and gifts, for various leaderships from the church. We provided a glimpse of hope for the women and children during this Christmas season. May God’s love find those who heard the message, but did not come to Christ that day! And may He continue to overflow them with hope, provide strength, love and peace for those who came to receive Him! It is Jesus who enabled all of us to serve in unity despite the fact that we had come from different churches. It is Jesus who is the light of the world, and those who follows Him will not walk in darkness anymore, but will have the light of life. All glory to God the Father! Perhaps next year, God will call our church to host the celebration for those suffering women and children. 

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